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Ottawa Yard Tractors

Yard Trucks

Ottawa yard tractors or yard trucks are terminal tractors designed with a hydraulic actuated fifth wheel specifically for moving trailers, creating time savings that cannot be matched by an ordinary road truck. They feature an ergonomic design for optimum efficiency and allow operators to move trailers without climbing up and down.

The machines also offer good maneuverability. A short wheelbase and a 40-50 degree steering angle facilitate quick trailer spotting. Moreover, unlike road trucks, the terminal tractors offer unobstructed visibility, ensuring safe movement in restricted operating areas.

The tractors’ fuel-efficient engines also offer good value. Using 150-225 horsepower diesel engines with high torque to RPM ratios, they lower fuel costs and provide optimal power to pull heavy loads at the low working speeds required in terminals and rail yards.

Kalmar offers the most comprehensive range of terminal tractors available to customers around the world, including models for lighter distribution and machines designed for heavy RoRo applications at ports and terminals. The total number of Kalmar terminal tractors in operation around the globe is now in excess of 44,000 units.

Buckeye Western Star is the Ottawa Yard Tractors leader in Columbus, Ohio. Whether you call it a yard dog, yard truck, spotter truck, yard jocky, fetch-it truck, hostler trucks or yard tractor, we have the experience and knowledge to help you make the best decision for your business. We offer a wide selection of new and used ottawa yard tractors. We are a full line Kalmar dealer and Ottawa dealership in Ohio.

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